Swithens Farm - Rothwell, Leeds

Angela Broadhead Managing Director of Swithens Farm aims to share her love of animals and create a fun family orientated farming experience. All of the food sold at Swithens is either produced from the farm's animals or sourced from other farms and outlets in the area, causing minimal impact to the environment and supporting other local businesses.

Angela met Regency through NFAN (National Farm Attractions Network) and was excited to find out how we could help.

The problems faced by our client

Angela and her management team were in the process of reviewing all the costs at the farm.  With staff costs rising in 2017 they were pre-empting pressures growing on the business.  Having met us at the NFAN gathering in Liverpool they were happy to look at what we could do for them and how we could help.

How we solved these problems

We conducted a full review of the Farm's purchasing and proceeded to tackle the biggest expenditure first - food.  We carried out a comparison against the incumbent regional supplier.  Some of the products, like meat,were supplied direct from the farm; so we focused on the frozen and grocery lines.  This allowed us to make the biggest impact as quickly as possible.  We were careful to stay true to the Farm's commitment to locally sourced and sustainable produce, this is a growing requirement for many of our members and one which we are passionate about.

As time has gone on we have looked to the smaller spends within the business, such as the coffee and non-food.  We continue to streamline things further, keeping on top of the Farm's purchasing and providing constant advice and assistance whenever Angela has need of us.

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“We met the team from Regency at one of our National Farm Attraction Network (NFAN) trade association gatherings.  Having visited us at Swithens Farm they proceeded to illustrate in ‘black and white’ a saving of 13% on our food, drink and non-food costs in the business.  They are regularly on hand and visit to review our purchasing and help manage our spending on an ongoing basis.  It is like have a purchasing manager without having to pay for one!

 We would highly recommend Regency Purchasing Group.  Likeminded operators with an ability to help us control and manage what we do in purchasing.”

Angela Broadhead, Managing Director

Savings we made for our client

Swithens Farm - Rothwell, Leeds

Total Savings

13.30% £3,980
CategoryAnnual SpendRPG Savings
Food£28000(£3500 saved)£3500
Coffee Machine Rental£1920(£480 saved)£480
RPG Savings£3,980

Total Average Savings = 13.30%

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We love to 'muck' in. Find out how we can help your business today.

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