Helping your business navigate the challenges presented by COVID-19

The seismic impact of COVID-19 is being felt by people and businesses across the world.

As the situation continues to change rapidly, it is imperative for businesses to plan their mitigation strategies, and navigate their way through the plethora of inter-related operational challenges presented by customers, competitors, supply chains, and internal resources.

Over the past few years, many businesses will have been working on their contingency plans to be prepared for various types of geopolitical or environmental threats. Some businesses will now be implementing elements of these plans, but as the coronavirus pandemic unfolds, we are now presented with numerous new and unexpected challenges…

  • How do you safeguard your employees and customers?
  • How can you shore up cash and liquidity?
  • How will your operations need to be reshaped for the new ‘normal’?
  • How do you navigate complicated government support schemes?
  • And ultimately, how do you keep your business alive?

The new operating necessity is speed and agility. It is not enough to simply repackage what you have done in the past. New challenges need new ways of thinking, and the decisions and actions you take now will determine your businesses ability to weather these unprecedented levels of uncertainty. We cannot hope to return to the old normal, as that simply will not exist.

Regency Purchasing Group can help...

Working with you to build and implement your mitigation strategy

Regency Purchasing Group works with over 3,000 businesses across the UK, but we also own and operate a number of leisure, hospitality and catering businesses, and have done for over 50 years.

As operators ourselves, and with an extensive customer-base that spans various sectors, we bring operational expertise and supply market knowledge to our customers to allow them to implement effective mitigation strategies with speed and agility.

Our on-demand support services are specifically designed to respond to the challenges businesses are facing right now, and can be turned on and off as required. Our support and advice focus on the following areas:

Reshape: Making rapid changes to reshape your operations (which may result in existing business models and ways of operating becoming obsolete)

Accelerate: Emerging from the recovery stage at a speed that wins market share and delivers a more rapid return to target liquidity levels

Adjust: Changing your business models to meet new customer, economic, societal and operational norms

Benefit: Preparing your business for the opportunities ahead; amidst this crisis, businesses have a once-in-a-generation opportunity and you need to be ready to take advantage of this.

Get in touch to find out more about our FREE COVID-SAFE ASSESSMENTS and support services.

Supplying your business with face masks and PPE products

Via our network of local and national suppliers, we have access to over 300 PPE-related products.

We are supplying customers with high volumes of single-use FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 and N95 face masks, and we can also source more sustainable, washable alternatives. All PPE supplies are available to businesses across the UK at competitive prices.

To discuss your PPE requirements with a member of our team, please get in touch.

Assisting with supply chain challenges and/or exploring new cost-saving opportunities

With numerous suppliers operating at reduced capacity or ceasing trading, businesses are currently faced with supplier agreements that are no longer operationally fit for purpose, contracts that are not reflecting the new commercial norms, and situations where, due to intense competition, they find themselves in a ‘sellers’ market’.

We are currently working with customers to understand new demand levels, recognise operational sensitivities and identify available and capable suppliers who can deliver rapid cost-savings and support their business’s planned growth.

We can explore cost-saving opportunities across all area of your business, including, but not limited to: food and drink, cleaning and janitorial supplies, payment processing, waste management and utilities.

For help and advice with your supply chain, please get in touch.

Ongoing cost control and supplier management

While we continue to steer our way through this crisis, and primarily focus on short-term manoeuvres, controlling and continuing to reduce costs will need to be at the forefront of all business’s regrowth strategies.

As part of our service, all members have the ability to access all of their purchasing information via our IQ procurement solution. This dynamic application allows users to access purchasing information and history at the touch of a button, with the ability to search, analyse, review and report on purchasing by site, product and supplier. The system will alert you to contract price discrepancies and off-contract purchasing, as well as generating stock and order sheets – all vital information at such a critical time for businesses.

Get in touch if you'd like a member of our team to demonstrate the immediate cost savings available to your business.

“Regency and their local representative Louisa, have been integral in helping us get back to re-opening in a Covid safe and secure environment. They've provided, and even tailored solutions for PPE and hand sanitiser stations and the level of service has been exceptional during this unprecedented time. I cannot thank Regency enough in helping support us through this challenging time. Thank you team Regency.”

Adam Goymour, Company Director & Park Manager
Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure (Norfolk)

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