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There’s nothing quite like a family day out to the Zoo or Farm.
It’s a special occasion and one children look forward to the instant they’re told.

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We know you want to provide world class service to your customers and the animals that reside in your care and here at Regency we can help with both.

Price reviews can be performed across every area of your business from the food and beverage supply in your restaurant through to cleaning products for the animal enclosures.

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We met the team from Regency at one of our National Farm Attraction Network (NFAN) trade association gatherings.  Having then visited us at Swithens Farm they proceeded to illustrate in ‘black and white’ a saving of 12% on our food, drink and non-food costs in the business.  They are regularly on hand and visit to review our purchasing and help manage our spending on an ongoing basis.  It is like have a purchasing manager without having to pay for one!

We would highly recommend Regency Purchasing Group - Like minded operators with exceptional ability to help us control and manage what we do.

Swithens Farm - Angela Broadhead

Give us a call on 01934 646135 or e-mail info@regencypurchasing.co.uk

Find out how our team can help save you money and time whilst ensuring the happiness of your customers, staff and animal friends.

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