With an estimated annual turnover exceeding £10 billion, getting your purchasing right has never been more important.

On average our member Golf Clubs spend £150,000 annually on Food, Drink and Utilities alone.  Even achieving a low digit percentage saving, can amount to tens of thousands over the course of the year.

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Golf has rapidly become one of our more prominent areas of member growth which is a testament to the sectors increasing popularity as its customer demographic expands.

We work with clubs across the country from the Pro-Shops to the Club Houses and as such we’ve put together such an array of purchasing solutions that we’re confident we can help any club with just about any situation.

What can we do for you?

  • Savings on existing purchasing.
  • Dedicated Regency Procurement Manager.
  • Catering Equipment - Coffee Machines for the Club House / Fridges for the Proshop.
  • Fixed Pricing.
  • Regular Benchmarking to ensure your pricing remains competitive in the evolving market
  • Wine menu Design and Consultancy.

Having worked with Regency over the last two years, we are very pleased with the results of our relationship and the price stability, product advice and support we have received. Their access to competitive pricing, together with their benchmarking ability, has made a big difference to our competitiveness.

Wayne Thornton - Kingswood Golf Club

Strategic Parnerships

We are proud to work very closely with our friends at Foremost and Material Matters.  By pooling our collective talents, resources and specialties we offer the only complete golfing procurement solution available in the UK.  Whether you're after food and drink for the club house, seed for the grounds, golfing apparel and attire for the proshop, or uniforms for the staff, we can provide it all.

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