Simply put, we help businesses with their purchasing.

This could be by identifying savings on your existing purchasing, helping you refurbish your bar or sourcing animal-friendly cleaning chemicals for your lions (yes, that really happened)!

Regency IQ - An intuitive purchasing management solution
As part of our service, all members can access their purchasing information in one place, via our IQ solution. This dynamic application allows users to access information at the touch of a button with the ability to search, analyse, review and report on purchasing by site, product and supplier, alert you to contract price discrepancies and off-contract purchasing as well as generating stock and order sheets and more.Get in touch for more info and a system demo. Accounting module and recipe management solutions coming soon...

See below the areas of purchasing in which we specialise and some of the other things we can help with. Don't see what you're after....? Well then just give us a call and let us know what you're thinking, we love a challenge.

All Regency Purchasing suppliers are tried and tested in our directly owned venues to ensure they surpass our high expectations.

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