Financial Assistance

Finance is often least emotive but unfortunately one of most important elements of business.  Companies who don't control their costs, understand their GPs and forecast appropriately simply can't survive in the inclement fiscal climate of today.  With ever increasing costs, legislation and Brexit uncertainty squeezing margins to unprecedented levels, it has never been more important to manage the economics of your business.

We face the exact same challenges at our own leisure sites and restaurants, which is why we're expertly placed to lend a helping hand.

Procurement Invoice Audit

When you sign up with us, the very first thing we will offer to do for you is undertake a complete invoice audit of your purchasing.  This will involve collecting 2-4 weeks worth of your invoices from which our procurement analysts will identify...

-  How your pricing basket benchmarks against the current market.

-  Pricing variances between different Sites / Accounts.

-  Opportunities for savings through consolidation.

-  Any anomalous or inflated prices.

-  Potential Savings through Regency Suppliers.

Audit 2
Consultancy 4

Life with Regency

Moving forward we can assist you in any number of fiscally based tasks.  Simply by the virtue if being a Regency member we will regularly benchmark your pricing, challenge, mitigate and delay any supplier increases and many more things!  Also at any point if you wish to review your purchasing and make a change of supplier, we're at your full disposal to help you facilitate any tenders or comparisons.


  • Regular market bench-marking.
  • Invoice reconciliation.
  • Seasonal market reports.
  • Purchasing consolidation.
  • Tender your business to the best suppliers.
  • Contract compliance reporting.
  • Fixed Pricing Contracts
  • Challenge and reduction of Supplier price increases

"We keep on top of your pricing and the market, so you don't have to."

Regency Purchasing Group

Don't get bogged down with the running of your Business, let us share the burden.

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