Industry Compilance

In May 2016 a landmark court case found a Restaurant Owner liable for manslaughter when a patron of his restaurant died from an allergic reaction, and was sentenced to 6 years.  The court found that the Owner had cut corners by using cheaper ingredients which included allergens; consequently the Owner, and not the chef who actually prepared the meal was hold accountable for.

This verdict sent a ripple of shock through the food industry and stands as a dire warning to any business Owner's who are not fully in control of their purchasing operation.  Complying to health and safety legislation and providing full Allergen Disclosure on your menus, and truly knowing what goes into the products you sell has never been more important. 

How we can help

  • Full Allergen Data and Product Trace-ability.
  • Allergen Sheets for all products purchased.
  • COSHH Data Sheets.
  • Compliance Review.
  • Staff Training.
  • Track evolving Compliance Legislation.
  • Source 'Free From' produce.
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"Don't gamble with the safety of your customers, let us help you ensure your business is fully industry compliant."

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