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Don't let your Consumables 'Consume' your time and money.

Catering consumables are an area that is often be overlooked. Some purchases are one off and some, such as take away coffee cups or straws for your bar, are regular.  Out of all the areas of purchasing we consistently see the biggest percentage savings on nonfood and consumable products; usually in the 20% - 40% range.

We can arrange your complete supply of consumable products direct to your door as and when you need them.  They can even arrive on the same delivery as your food order meaning that you only need to take one delivery a week.  Alternatively you can source products through one of our specialist Non-food suppliers who can achieve incredible pricing.


The cleanliness of your establishment can make or break your reputation; a spotless floor and well maintained premises is key for success and public approval.  There are a myriad of products out there to choose from and with profit margins growing ever tighter it has never been more important to control your costs from the ground up.

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Non-food Consumables

Consumables is the name, and most definitely the game.  Napkins, cups, stirrers, you will buy and use by the thousands.  The importance of keeping these costs down can not be overstated, as these will be the costs you regularly incur day in and day out.  

Additionally with high volume of mostly paper / wood based products, you must consider the environmental impact.  Buying recycled/recyclable products not only helps save the world but is also bang on trend.

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The Regency Group has saved and continues to save me, a lot of money on my cleaning and disposable purchases.  It frees up my time to get on with running my business more efficiently instead of constantly look at prices.

Chris Kelly; Port Lympne Reserve

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