We live in a time where coffee sales rain supreme.  Not only in terms in volume but also in terms of the incredible GP%'s which can be achieved - often in the range of 70-90%.

With consumers demanding more and more from their Coffee and hot beverage options as a whole, we are here to provide a helping hand.  We can source machines on loan for you, organise training for your team and even provide the increasingly popular seasonal hot beverages such as mulled wine & cider and gingerbread lattes.

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  • Source Top Quality Product.
  • Sustainable and Fair Trade.
  • Market Leading Pricing.
  • Arrange for Machines and Equipment on Loan.
  • Provide training for your Baristas.
  • Keep you informed with the latest trends and crazes
  • Source Environmentally-friendly cups and other sundries
  • Next day spare parts service

From Fine China to Disposable

However you choose to serve your hot beverages we can also offer savings on all related consumables including cups, saucers, milk jiggers, sugar and those wooden sticks that people love so much!  Better still, we can provide economic, sustainable and recyclable products too.  Save the world and appeal to an ever more environmentally conscious clientele, all without breaking the bank!

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We approached Regency Purchasing to help us with our coffee product.  When we go to the marketplace for new suppliers we always look for those who can go the extra mile and Regency have managed this on our behalf on numerous occasions.  They are a company who really assist you with getting the best for your business.  With Regency we have a partnership that is build on trust and a desire for a good product and a good service.  As a result of all their hard work we now have a fantastic coffee offer.  Thank you Regency for making that happen.

Aaron Othman; Managing Director of The Partyman Company.

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