The last few years have seen rapid expansion in the spirit, RTD, Cider and Beer markets.  With Gin bars popping up across the country, Tequila and Rum breaking into the market and anything 'Craft' selling like hotcakes; it's an exciting time to be involved in the industry.

With key contacts in the UK's largest brewery's and Suppliers we can put in place a bespoke drinks solution which suits your business.  Whether you need advice on product mix, access to new and upcoming brands or help in pulling apart a complicated beer tender, we can lend a helping hand.

How Can we Help?

  • Analyse complicated Beer Tenders, distilling out the true costs and savings.
  • Wine Tasting and Courses
  • Fixed Pricing.
  • Trade support and Point of Sale.
  • Free wine list Design and Printing.
  • Direct access to Vineyards.
  • Cellar Management.
  • Full Technical Service Support.
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The savings achieved by Regency

The White Hart - Roydon, Norfolk

We're thrilled to have had such a positive impact on our client's business.  And whats more, these savings aren't just for the first year, they will remain for year on year.  We contract all our suppliers to price hold for at least 6 months and always challenge and push back any supplier price increases which are over and above the market rate.

Total Savings

5.94% £11,700
CategoryAnnual SpendRPG Savings
Bar£120000(£6000 saved)£6000
Butchery£22000(£3000 saved)£3000
Non Food & Sundries£5000(£1200 saved)£1200
Food£50000(£1500 saved)£1500
RPG Savings£11,700

Total Average Savings = 5.94%

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"From strategic partnerships with the biggest brewers in the world to supporting small passionate local microbreweries; We can deliver the right drink solution for you."

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